Persistent Advertising Will Do No Harm!

From my experience, I’ve been on many discussion groups and have spoken to many other like minded people. The one topic that always seems to arise is how to get massive sales right away.

From my experience, I’ve been on many discussion groups and have spoken to many other like minded people. The one topic that always seems to arise is how to get massive sales right away.

Not only massive sales but quick sales. Well let me clear something up for you. Creating MASSIVE sales takes much dedication, persistence and especially patience. Not to mention planning & money!

See the unfortunate part is that people give up. Not only do they give up but they usually give up right before they succeed. I have a friend who’s tried 4 times to start a roofing business and keep it going. I asked him, what kind of marketing plan did you have?

He said “well none actually, I was trying to rely on word of mouth advertising to get me started and a few ads here and there”.

Now, don’t get me wrong, if you can get a fantastic “word or mouth” campaign going then you won’t have any problems. See the problem wasn’t that my friend couldn’t do the work but that his “sphere of influence” was very small. Hence he was having problems getting word of mouth working for him!

So I suggested to him that he place a very small ad in the newspaper around the surrounding area. It turned out that he had already tried an ad in the paper but, he had placed a one time ad almost the size of the whole newspaper and hardly got any business out of it. Which never mind cost him a fortune.

I explained to him that persistence is the key, yes a lot of people will see the ad, but as soon as they are done reading it, they will forget it ever existed. So I said to him, grab a small 15-20 word ad and put it there for the rest of the year!

So moving on a little, his ad started off small but then grew more and more profitable! See it takes about 21 times for your visitors to see your ad until you make a sale.

21 times ???

Yes about that… we are so saturated with ads it has to be imprinted in our minds before we can even remember just one specific one. So the reason for having my friend put out a small ad instead of one massive full page ad was to allow his potential clients to get used to the fact that he wasn’t going anywhere and his business seemed legitimate and profitable.

It’s all about getting into your prospects sub-conscious and staying there until they are ready to buy!

So just remember when you’re trying to decide between a one time shot that might cover coast to coast or a smaller ad that will cover coast to coast 12 months a year, always stay with persistent advertising!


Getting Ahead of the Game

Business owners look at competition as a terrible thing. But for the customers at large this is a good thing. Customers benefit from the price war that occurs among products of the same line. Because of this, prices go down allowing people to buy goods or avail of services at affordable prices. But as terrible as it may seem to a business owner, competition should never be seen as a disadvantage. Instead, you should strive to make your product or service better to stay ahead of your competitors. You can go as far ahead of your competitors in terms of displays, methods, stocks and advertising strategy. Doing so you can look back at your rivals with a big smile and feeling of content and triumph.

Supposing you are dealer of ladies garments and there are three other dealers like you in your town. Would you fear the competition? Perhaps you would but if you know that you are carrying a stock quality that is better than your competitors and applying a good marketing strategy there is practically nothing for you to fear. Keep in mind though that if you are using promotional materials such as posters as part of your marketing approach, make sure that the poster contains honest advertising and attention-grabbing design. With the technology that is available today it has become much easier to print posters at faster turnaround time and at a much affordable price.

However, if you don’t intend to print the poster yourself, find a printing company that can best meet your needs. If you were to go for a company that offers poorer quality than what you are seeking, you would find yourself with products are not useful and saleable. Likewise, you might end up finding a printing company that cannot complete your print job at the required timeframe.

This would obviously cause you considerable stress. Hence, doing some research, looking around and making a careful plan can help a lot in finding the right printing company to handle your poster printing.

Although most printing companies cover a lot of printing services, not all will be able to do the print job that you need. Finding print shops in your locality can be a good start toward finding the right print shop. Nevertheless, to have a lot of choices you will need to branch out and check as many listings as possible including looking online.

The Internet offers listing of thousands of print shops that you could check out without leaving your home. Words of caution though, make sure that the print shop knows exactly what you want with your project to avoid any problem in the end.

So get ahead of your competitors by keeping a step or two ahead of them. A good marketing material will do the trick yet a quality product or service is still the most important.


Promotional Advertising Gifts – A Smile For Every Present

The cool thing about gifts is that you can receive them. For all my soapbox condemnations of the corrosive effects (albeit perhaps unintended) that advertising can have upon the community which it unfurls its ravenous hunger without prejudice, I have to say that I am really sort of into promotional advertising gifts. For a couple reasons.

First off, I like getting things without cost much better than I do when I need to give money for them.

For example, it was just last year that I bought three boxes of pens. Now, for me, I’m a big fan of pens, in fact my slight OCD makes me feel a little uncomfortable when I don’t have a pen on me. So, it’s important that I have an ample supply at my house. I can’t remember exactly, but I feel like I probably spent around twelve dollars for the three boxs.

I’m not saying that I could take those twelve dollars, throw them on my bed, roll around on them al fresco and make a night of it; but, I am saying that I could appreciate the cash and maybe have a nice little lunch. So, if I didn’t have to spend the money, that’d be optimal. But, then I’m left penless, which is far from optimal. However, these two desires of mine need not be mutually exclusive.

Each and every day there are probably tens of tens of places around town handing out pens as promotional advertising gifts. Some from the doctor, some from the bursar’s office at my university, others from a temporary stand getting people to register for credit cards and I’m starting to sit on a reasonable collection of pens.

They’re out there. I just need to go get them. And to do that, I need only strap myself with generous amounts of tenacity and the will to collect.

The other reason that I like promotional advertising gifts is, unusually, almost the exact opposite of the first. It starts out with the belief that everyone should do one good deed (at the very least) each day. One good deed that I see as important is to maintain the cleanliness of our fair city (or whichever one you find yourself in).

One way to keep a city free from environmental degradation is to throw away trash. So, one way that I know that I can always satisfy my daily good deed is to make sure garbage gets into a garbage can.

Therefore, I also like promotional advertising gifts, because I can take them right out of the hands of the friendly distributor and walk my poster, magnate, paper visor or whatever and put it right into the trash. Everyone wins.

Best Advertising For Small Business

The best advertising, whether for a small business or large, is advertising that works. The price a small business owner pays for advertising would not be an issue if the outcome of the ad was known.

If a small business owner had a choice of paying $1000 a month for advertising that brought in a guarantee of at least $2000 a month profit, or paying $500 a month for advertising that brought in $750 worth of profit a month, there would be no hesitation. That savvy small business owner would gladly shell out $1000 each month for the advertising.

Small business advertising has no such guarantees however. It’s not like buying a refrigerator that is guaranteed to keep the milk and eggs cold. $1000 of advertising might bring $8000 of profit, or it might bring in zero. So, what’s a small business owner to do, especially if faced with a limited budget?

The best answer is to use small business advertising that only charges the owner when and if it works. There are several ways of doing this.

The primary method is called pay per click. This Internet option is available with numerous online merchant sites as well as hundreds of newspapers across the country and the globe. Simply put, a small business agrees to pay a specified amount to the publisher, or the merchant site, for each ad that entices a consumer to come to the small business site. The price paid is generally an amount that the small business owner has bid on. More and more newspapers are offering this option as they struggle to maintain competitive online with eBay, Craigslist and other pure play classified and marketplace sites.

Another option for pay per click and inexpensive advertising for a small business that wants to concentrate on local customers is with regional publications or some of the larger metropolitan newspapers and groups that are introducing citizen media sites. These zoned products offer a much less expensive buy because the small business advertiser is buying the local neighborhood instead of the total metropolitan circulation of the metropolitan paper.

Companies such as YourHub, a product of the Denver Post and Rocky Mountain News, are licensing these citizen media sites to other newspapers in other areas and those welcome small business advertising and discount the price. They also encourage citizen journalism. The small business owner can contribute articles, photos and local stories, although the paper will undoubtedly edit something too unabashedly self-serving. This is still a great way for a local entrepreneur to introduce himself or herself to the neighbors in a friendly, casual and soft sell way.

History of Advertising

When advertising is considered from its entire history it is not surprising at all that it currently maintains such a significant factor in our lives and society. The history of advertising can be traced all the way back to the people of Babylonia and was present in several societies from that time forward. Moving forward outdoor adevertsing was implemented announce such things as properties for rent and sites where food and drink was available in places such as Rome.

It seems that we’ve all heard various tales of town criers and the travels to various villages to spread the day’s most significant news. But, these traveling announcers also delivered promotional pieces detailing the positive qualities of various products.

The products producer’s of course were behind the promotions.

Although, the property advertisements were a form a graphic advertising it wasn’t until 1472 that the first printed ad appeared in England. What was for sale? As one indicator of issues and products of importance today, the same held true in 1472 England. A prayer book was for sale.

The profitability of advertising finally captured the attention a Philidelphia entrepreneur, who started the first advertising agent for hire in the U.S. in 1841.

It wasn’t long after this that our current advertising agency systems began to take form. The agents, and later agencies, turned profit in those days primarily by buying advertising space from newspapers and then selling and creating ads to various businesses. The next step to make the advertising as recognizable, and complex, as it is today was to implement market research and the writing of copy based on the findings, which was done by an advertising agency in the late 1800’s that is still in existence today.